We Love God

If you've never been to a church before, we understand it can be a little be scary to walk into a room full of strangers. Sometimes it helps to know what you'll see when you join us.

  • There will be music and singing. Some songs will be with instruments and some will be "Acapella" (without instruments). Traditionally, our heritage of Church of Christ was exclusively Acapella. When appropriate, we still like to honor and cherish that heritage. Most music will use instruments. We sing to make a joyful sound to God because we Love God!
  • There will be prayer. We believe that the relationship we have with God is a living and active one. In other words, we believe in a God who hears and answers prayer, so we make it a point to spend some time praying to Him together. We talk to God because we Love God.
  • There will be Communion. Sometimes we call this the Lord's Supper. Other traditions may even refer to this as the Eucharist. During this time, we will usually have a short devotional thought by one of our members and then we will pass a small cracker around and "break bread" together. After that, we will pass around some grape juice and drink together. The bread and juice are symbols or emblems that represent the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus, before his crucifixion, instructed his followers to do this "in remembrance of me." We do this every week because we Love God.
  • There will be teaching. Every week, we spend time studying and learning the Bible together. We believe the Bible is God's Word written to us over a period of thousands of years. We study and take learning His Word seriously because we Love God.

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